Our animals

All or animals are Simmental-Cross. The Simmental is a Swiss breed of dual-purpose cattle, raised for both milk and meat. They are a lovely pale gold to reddish in colour with white markings around the head.

Robust, with excellent fitness

Simmentals come from the region the Berner Oberland (mountainous region) in Switzerland, and have developed into a resilient, robust breed with excellent fitness traits and good muscling. This made it an extremely popular breed as far back as the mid-18th century, and it has gone on to conquer the world. They are particularly renowned for the rapid growth of their young. 

A popular cross breed in NZ

Pure Simmentals only make up 1% of the New Zealand beef herd. However, the bulls are popular as terminal sires and are widely mated with Angus, Hereford and Angus-Hereford-cross cows. Because our animals live as nature intended, we believe this results in better animal welfare, with animals that are less stressed and happier. And at Misty Meadows, our happy, healthy cattle only eat grass and get plenty of exercise, which means you’ll find the meat is lean and healthy.