A little bit about us

Realising a dream for Kiwis to raise organic beef

Misty Meadows was established by Taryn Lunny in 2015, when her decades-long dream of offering organic beef became a reality. With increasing demand for organic produce and a growing desire by consumers to know where their food came from, Taryn wanted to give Kiwis the opportunity to raise their own animal and have it home-killed for their consumption.


About Taryn

Taryn worked in England as a Legal Personal Assistant for many years. She had always had an interest in organic farming. While in the UK, she became passionate about the ‘Paddock to Plate’ approach to food and how to lead a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

Paddock to Plate

Paddock to Plate recognises that food doesn’t start its life on supermarket shelves. It provides us with full transparency of where that food came from and how it was farmed. While Tayrn was in the UK, this was being popularised in the UK by River Cottage, a restaurant, cookery and chef’s school in East Devon, which also had a successful TV show on Channel 4.

From our farm to your home

Upon her return to New Zealand, Taryn started her own organic beef farming operation, the produce from which she now offers to other followers of the Paddock to Plate movement.


The best organic beef

While there are more cattle on the farm now, it all began with Taffy, a handsome beast who became our ‘test pilot’. Taffy eventually met his maker and fed five families, each of whom proclaimed it was the best beef they had ever tasted.



When Taryn bought a cashmere goat named Bella, she discovered a passion for goats. She added several mohair beauties and is now actively growing the herd, which is producing quality mohair. Learn more >>



On the farm, you’ll find plenty of free-range chickens that produce enough eggs for us to share with our regular clients.


Come for a farm visit

To learn more, contact us. Better yet, arrange a visit, breath in the fresh country air and see the farm in operation first-hand. So what are you waiting for? Book a time today.